When we decide to install the pellet stove in the residential building or commercial space, layout and design are not only prevalent, the key thing is functionality. Stoves are designed for heating small residential or commercial area up to approximately 160 m2.

In addition to the effect of heating a special ambience gives a beautiful flame that can be seen through the glass on the front of the stove. Using cutting-edge automatic regulation built-in fireplace very easily we can adjust the desired temperature in the room as well as use of the remote control as part of additional options. They have a very good thermal utilization and are very easy to maintain.

 Cleaning is done through the front door, which is very simple and because of the space in which it is located stove is recommended to be done by a vacuum cleaner. With the stove as standard equipment comes integrated expansion vessel into the fireplace, circulation pump and safety valve, so it is very easy to connect the fireplace to the central heating system.