Radiator factory TERMAL Lopare is the only radiator factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Producing the panel radiators for central heating systems, as well as electric radiators under the brand "TERMAL". The panel radiators are made under license from the largest European manufacturer of radiators "Vogel & Noot" and "covered" the market of the former Yugoslavia and more than half of total production was exported to Germany and Austria.

Today TERMAL Lopare after several years 'a pause' in the work, and bankruptcy procedure, was re-launched factory. Large investments in modernization of production and improvement of technology products with the aim of producing, unique thermal products and devices, all under the already well-known brand "TERMAL", the idea is to restore the former glory TERMAL had and well-deserved place in the market.

The production program that has already found its way to customers includes:

- Kombinovani kotao na čvsrto gorivo ( 25 -110 kW)
- Kombinovani kotao Combo 35 kW
- Kotao Termal INT ( 34 kW, 50kW, 70kW, 100kW)
- Kotao Termal INT Eco Compact ( 25 kW, 33 kW)
- Kamin Termal INT Simple 10 kW
- Kamin Termal INT Exlusive (15,20, 25 kW)
- Kamin Termal INT 
- Kotao za etažno grijanje -Termal Bosanka 15 kW i 25 kW 
- Kamin na centralno grijanje Termal INT
- Kamin na drva Termal INT
- Panelni radijator "Termal Classic" i "Termal Elegance" Type 22 
- Cilindrični i kvadratni rezervoari 
- Pelet

The rich tradition and experience of almost 40 years of the factory, a great desire and efforts of the new owners will be great prospects for the development of the company, especially developing TERMAL brand as a stable and reliable partner in the market.

The development team, which is the driving force of this factory, every day working on the adoption of the latest production technology, and in addition the development of products for the most demanding markets of Western Europe, which will be the target market of this plant.

The emphasis on the development of technology and heating homes through our devices, will result in the fact that TERMAL Lopare in future be synonymous of warmth and safety of homes across Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the region.